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Resource of the Month

Gods At War by Kyle Idleman, City On A Hill, 2012

Christians and the church rightfully place an emphasis on identifying and eradicating sin...
but what if we're actually missing the point? What if all sin has a common root, a core issue
that we typically fail to address?

In his latest work, Kyle Idleman challenges us with the thought that perhaps all sin springs from the same source - IDOLATRY. While we may not see many "graven images" in our world today, Kyle argues that there are still countless gods passionately at war for the throne of our heart. If we put the wrong god on the throne, our lives will be thrown into chaos, and all our efforts at sin management will be futile. Only by recognizing our misplaced worship and by enthroning Jesus can we experience freedom and life.

6 20-Minute Sessions:
1. Introduction
2. Gods of Pleasure
3. Gods of Love
4. Gods of Money
5. Gods of Power
6. God of Me
Includes a Leader's Guide and Combat Journal (student book).
Age: A 120 mins