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Resource of the Month

Soul Keeping: Caring For The Most Important Part of You
John Ortberg, Zondervan 2014

In this six-session study, John Ortberg takes you on an exploration of the soul from the perspective of someone who has struggled to understand and care for his own soul. Ortberg highlights his relationship with theologian Dallas Willard, his "professor of the soul," and what he learned from this wise guide in the midst of his own struggles and hardships. Ortberg shows that caring for your soul is necessary for your Christian life.
When you nurture your soul your life in this world will come to make sense again; you can find your way back to God from hopelessness, depression, relationship struggles, and a lack of fulfillment. Your soul’s resting place is in God, and John Ortberg wants to take participants to that home.

1. What Is The Soul? (25:00)
2. The Struggle of the Soul (24:00)
3. What The Soul Needs (24:00)
4. The Practice of Grace (22:00)
5. The Practice of Gratitude (22:00)
6. The Practice of Growth (22:00)

Includes a hardcover book and study guide.
 Age: YA 139 mins